You have big dreams and goals for your business… but you’re embarrassed to share your outdated website with potential clients.

And your branding doesn’t really communicate the heart of what you do, leaving people with more questions than answers.

Truth is, you know it’s time for an overall refresh. 

But since you’re busy with #allthethings (like running your business and trying to still have a social life), it keeps getting moved to the back burner.

That's where I come in.

I help creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses–like you–ditch the blues and cartwheel your way into a knockout design you (and your clients) will LOVE.

I’m a natural redhead with a passion for performing arts, Jesus, delicious food, and gorgeous design. Truth is, I actually grew up designing.

hey, i'm London!

As a kid, it was my dream to move to Japan and become a comic book artist. You could find me any day of the week carting my binder of comics to school and staying up late to write my own stories. I loved the way the story came to life when it was in little comic-strip blocks on the page – complete with illustrations and word bubbles.

My parents saw my gift and told me they thought I’d grow up to be a graphic designer. I didn’t know what that was, but it *definitely* sounded boring.

I kept doodling along until I discovered musical theatre in middle school. My sights shifted to Broadway! But in 2013, I found myself working 12-hour overnight shifts in an emergency room – far from Broadway – starving for daylight, friendship, and something that would bring me life.

Around the same time, my Dad asked if I’d be interested in designing a website for our family cabin business. I leapt at the opportunity, and fell in love with design again. I quit my ER job, and soon found myself in design school.

I had the opportunity to work with a performing arts company right out of school. They had been working with a team of designers before I came in, but were feeling frustrated that the designs they were getting left something to be desired.

The heart of what they were doing was missing.

As we worked through their various show brands, marketing materials, website and more… I thought to myself – there have gotta be other companies out there who feel this way!

I created London Sharay Design to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses reach their audience and tell their story through beautiful, heartfelt design.

And I only take on a couple of clients at a time.

That way I can focus on helping you stand out in a saturated market, and be available to help with any questions you may have.

make the design process as simple, stress-free, and FUN as possible!



I'm married to my best friend, Eric. 

We met performing in a musical together. He was my first (and only) boyfriend, and the Lord knew I needed him. If it weren’t for Eric, I’d probably still be eating cereal every night for dinner. #chefhusband

He's my biggest cheerleader, and a huge reason London Sharay Design is what it is today!

Our days are filled with laughter (partly because we’re newlyweds and still figuring this marriage thing out), Hamilton rap battles, and lots of grace.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I’m so glad you’re here! I’d love to partner with you on your next project.

I believe in faith, family, and fun.


And for a little something personal. ;)

"London was so easy to work with! She delivered way ahead of schedule and the designs were exactly what we were looking for. We'll be calling her again and highly recommend her!"

Katherine Harrold | Gateway Church

"Everyone says my website looks and feels super professional... because it is! London did such a great job giving me a unique and sassy site, and the whole experience was fun and easy! I never felt alone."


"London is a powerhouse of creativity, kindness, and grace with the heart of a servant. We could not have pulled this show off without her and are beyond grateful for her. Thank you for going above and beyond with the best attitude ever!"


"London captured the heart and soul of my business with her creativity, insight and design expertise. I appreciated her communication with all the changes taking place. She remained focused, positive and professional during all of the technical challenges! She exceeded my expectations!"